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Terms and Conditions of Sale


All non-account sales are by major credit card ( VISA, MasterCard and American Express accepted) or by cheque at the time of ordering.

Canadian accounts are pre-approved, when accompanied by a purchase order from: all federal, provincial and municipal government departments, their agencies and crown corporations, all accredited hospitals, health units, health authorities and regional boards of health as well as accredited universities and colleges.

U.S. accounts are pre-approved, when accompanied by a written purchase order from: all federal, state, county and city government departments and their agencies. All JCAHO* and CARF** hospitals, all public health departments, accredited universities and colleges are also pre-approved.
* Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
** Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities

Established account sales are invoiced net 30 days - payment is from the invoice as no statements are issued.

For account information and/or an application call 1-800-376-2194.


For current pricing information / confirmation, please contact us.


Canadian orders are shipped f.o.b. Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

U.S. orders are shipped f.o.b. Grand Portage, MN, 55605.

All orders are:

  1. prepaid and charged back, or
  2. by courier of the customer's choise - with the freight charges 'collect' on the customer's account (no other freight charges will be applied.)

Size and/or quantities usually dictate method of shipping. Wall and counter-top displays in small quantities move by courier. However, the fully assembled floor displays and large volume display orders are shipped by transport.


Shipping Loss or Damage

Customers MUST carefully examine the shipment as soon as received. Damage to goods during shipping is the carrier's responsibility. If a display is received damaged, note this on the carrier's delivery slip and immediately contact the carrier's claims department.

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