Call us at 1-800-376-2194 to talk with an experienced plastics designer. Working together,
we’ll contribute our knowledge, gained from twenty-six years of experience working with
the wide range of engineered plastics available, to make your requirement a reality.

Some recent projects included:

  • wall mounted holders/organizers for
      CPR/oxygen masks
      bedside charts or forms
  • ER 'rapid retreival' equipment organizers
  • IC ‘crash cart’ drawer organizers
  • laboratory apparatus - glassware racks
      sheild guards -equipment holders
  • portable equipment location cards holders
  • custom bio-sheilds
  • nursing station forms/records organizers
  • literature displays - floor, wall & counter
  • information centres and bulletin boards
  • cafeteria - cutting boards & 'sneeze guards'
      condiments organizers and more...

We can cut - thermoform - machine - bond - weld
engineered plastic sheet, tube & rod.

Contact us by telephone at 1-800-376-2194
by e-mail at
or by fax at 1-807-473-8483 for a no obligation quote.


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